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Before you have children, it can be impossible to estimate the amount of stuff they accumulate. It also seems to be an unwritten rule that as they get older, the amount of stuff gets greater every year. Storage in any child’s bedroom is key, but with so many different children’s bedroom furniture products on the market it can be hard to know where to start.


Adult Storage

The problem with using adult storage systems in a child’s room is that the child finds it hard to open heavy drawers, gets their fingers trapped in doors or can’t reach high enough to access the storage units. Storage units which are specifically designed for children are the best option.


Clever Use of Space

The disadvantage of purpose built storage solutions is that they can be bulky, and with bedrooms in modern homes being small, it is essential to look for clever ways to use what space you have available. A drawer on castors which slides neatly under a bed is the ideal place to store smaller toys, clothes or bedding, and mesh carriers which hang from the ceiling can be used to store soft toys. Plastic crates are the ideal way for keeping toys separated, but always choose ones which can be stacked one on top of the other for ease of access.


Colour and Design

Rather than thinking about storage as an afterthought when planning a child’s room, it is best to try to plan it in from an early stage. Many of the storage units on the market have a strong design element and rather than having to be hidden away, they can form a focal point in the room. Choose strong colours rather than opting for plain white, or look for basic shelving units which come with a range of brightly coloured baskets or drawers which can be used to change the look completely.



Kids grow up quickly and their tastes change, and what suits a pre-schooler isn’t going to suit a child rapidly heading into their teens. Unless you have the budget to change storage units every time your child’s tastes change, look for children’s bedroom furniture which is adaptable and flexible, and which can be changed as time and needs progress. A standard, plain shelving unit which has removable drawers and boxes can be used with brightly coloured plastic boxes for young children, and more sophisticated baskets or as a bookshelf as the child gets older.

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