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When my husband and I first bought our house 7 years ago it was very exciting. We actually lost each other in the house when viewing it. The amount of space we had was so exciting. From going from a one bedroom house to a three bedroom felt like we had won the lottery and we were buying a mansion.

We viewed a few houses before the one we finally chose. I wasn’t keen on the look of it when looking through the internet so we didn’t consider it. One day, running out of options and having sold our house we decided to go and view the house i wasn’t keen on the look of.

Don’t judge a book by its cover!



One spare room was my craft room, where my kittens would sit on the windowsill and watch the world go by whilst i worked on scrapbooking for hours. another spare room was a guest room.

Now the house is filled with children and toys and our house feels small and crammed. There’s now no room to swing a cat as they say! As soon as the kids get their toys out we are dodging toys to make our way through a room.

Having three girls and only three bedrooms means that the two eldest girls share a room. It’s a good sized bedroom and the girls love sharing. My eldest is scared of the dark and likes the company and my middle daughter dotes on her older sibling so they are very happy.

When we were choosing their big girls beds, they were keen to have bunk beds but i was too worried in case they fell out as my eldest sleep walks at times. We chose two day beds so the girls could chill when not at school and sleep at night. I think i was trying to re-live my childhood through them.

I can’t wait to re-decorate the kids bedrooms and bring in new storage solutions to make the rooms more organised and feel bigger. I know some parents don’t allow any toys in the bedrooms, and some parents don’t allow toys in the lounge. Us? We have toys everywhere. I think it’s time to get organised.

Written by our regular contributor Emma.

Twitter: @theprmummy

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