ThinkstockPhotos-507510881Starting your year on the right foot can help you to feel more confident about tackling the year ahead. Having a big tidy in January means that you can prepare and put everything in order, so it’s easier to maintain the tidiness of your home throughout 2016 and you’ll feel more motivated to do it. The benefits of de-cluttering and tidying a home are well known, with many advice pieces that focus on improving mental health and general wellbeing endorsing it. Taking control of your home can be the first step towards taking more ownership of other aspects of your life…and you’ll be able to find things easier!


If you’re forever tripping over your children’s toys and finding them in the most unexpected places, then a good way to manage this is having a wicker basket or storage box in every room in your house that you can throw toys into. It’ll remove any clutter from the floor and it’s also a constant reminder to your children that when they’ve finished playing, they can put their toys in the basket, which will never be too far away to moan about!

Make a Rota

By involving the whole family in keeping your house tidy for the year, children can learn lessons about teamwork and accountability for chores. You can incentivise children to help keep everywhere tidy with little targets and rewards as well, which will encourage them to stick to the rota. A rota also means that your family will be prepared for when they need to help out, so it’s not sprung upon them. If they concentrate on looking after their own bedroom as well then they’re more likely to look after the rest of the house too and understand the importance of keeping things clean and tidy.

Target areas of mess

Think about which parts of your house seem to accumulate the most mess and try to target these areas. It might be as simple as placing some storage boxes nearby or moving your hoover to that area, so it’s easier to clean up. Try to design your tidying around mess-prone areas and it’ll mean that you can nip the problems in the bud quickly and more efficiently, so you’ll have more time for other tasks.

Get rid of clutter as you go

Try to de-clutter your home as you go, rather than waiting for it all to build up and then having to have a massive clear out. If you maintain the tidiness of your home throughout the year, then it’ll feel more manageable and you won’t become overwhelmed by discovering that you’ve not kept on top of your tidiness.

Important Box

Everyone should have a box or storage area where they keep important documents. If your paperwork gets lost amongst clutter, it can be so difficult to find things when you actually need them. If you have a box where everything you need to keep a file of is stored then there won’t be any risk of losing important, confidential information.

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