Written by Aaron, aged 5 with a little help from his mummy the lovely Lisa from New Mum Online.


Aaron loves the Gruffalo stories, so a couple of years ago while out shopping, we bought him the teddy.

One day, we realised that the Gruffalo had left our house. He was a lost teddy bear and we needed to find him quick. The other toys said he’d gone to a quiet forest, so that he could look for the fox, the snake and the wise old owl. Aaron insisted we drive him to the forest. Aaron decided that if he looked for the mouse he would find the Gruffalo. But Mummy insisted that Aaron should first look for the snake and remember what the toys had said. If he found the snake, he would find his lost teddy bear. Aaron looked for that snake, high and low. But sadly, could not find it, no matter how hard he searched.


He searched in the woods,

he searched on the rocks,

he searched in his shoes,

and on tip toe in socks.


Silly small Aaron,

didn’t I say,

I’ve never seen a snake,

in the UK.

Aaron heard that in cities, foxes are urban, so he headed for the path out by the road. He was determined to find that cunning fox. Find the fox, find the bear.

Foxes go out by the road at night,

they don’t risk it in broad daylight

Foxes are cunning with a steely mind

We must think like a fox, for him to find


Silly small Aaron,

Didn’t I say,

It’ll be tough to find a fox,

in the middle of the day!


Aaron decided his luck was in. It’d be the wise old owl that would lead him to his lost teddy bear, The Gruffalo.

We listened, to hear a twit twoo, but alas the forest was silent. Not a noise, not a peep. All we could hear was birds as they tweeted.


Wise Old owls can be seen in the day

But you have to time it right

Just after dawn and just before dusk

Rready, look up, let’s sit tight!


We heard the hoot in the trees ahead

But we did not see that owl

I looked at Aaron to see if he minded

His face was ruined with a scowl!


Silly small Aaron,

Didn’t I say,

It’ll be tough to see an owl,

Before he flies away!

We were just about to get in the car to go home, when Aaron remembered the real star of the story. Who was everyone afraid of? No, not the Gruffalo. But the mouse! The strong, quick thinking, brave mouse. Small in body, but big in mind.

So off we went, with our eyes to the floor

We’d find that mouse, before hometime for sure!

Where the mouse would be, so too would the teddy

Once we’d find our cuddly Gruffalo then we’d be ready!


Aaron quickly packed his rucksack

Off to find that elusive mouse

He was so determined to get

his Gruffalo back to our house!


He found the mouse, he did, my boy,

never give up, that’s his ploy.


The mouse was asleep

our Gruffalo under his head

Aaron tip toed in

And changed that mouse’s bed


Silly old Mummy

Didn’t she know

It’s the Mouse who’s the star

Of the Gruffalo


Find the mouse, find the teddy

The adventure’s complete, now for home we’re ready!


Written by Aaron, aged 5 with a little help from his mummy the lovely Lisa from New Mum Online.

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