Style Ideas for Teenage Boys Bedrooms

Posted on 22/02/2022 by Room to Grow
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Style Ideas for Teenage Boys Bedrooms

It is important that a teenage boy’s bedroom be both stylish and practical; making it the perfect space to sleep, study and socialise. Choosing a bedroom idea for a teenage boy is no simple task, you want to allow them to express their personality and creativity but at the same time it is clear that their personality at 13 is not likely to be the same when they reach 16. It is important to choose styles which are inspiring, practical and will withstand the test of time.

Keep it Neutral

The biggest obstacle you’ll face when choosing a décor scheme for a teenager’s room is their changing tastes as time goes on. Therefore, one of the best ways to accommodate this is to decorate with neutral tones but accessorize with items which reflect their personality. You can add in personal elements through bedding, rugs, wall art and cushions without having to worry about fully redecorating in a few years’ time.

Feature Wall

If you want to liven up the room a bit, add in a bright coloured feature wall such as bright yellow or blue which will just bring the room to life. Alternatively, the feature wall could be something different like an oversized map or some fun wallpaper. Having one feature wall is more practical as it won’t be as difficult to change if your teenager changes their mind in a few years’ time.

Let them Express Themselves

If you really want to give them some free reign with their new bedroom design, you could let them express their creativity with a graffiti wall. This isn’t for the faint hearted but would allow them to express themselves through art and be able to change up their room design as and when they please. Another option which may not be as daunting is to create a chalkboard wall for them to doodle on as they please.


Having a social space is essential for a teenage boy, it is likely their going to want to have friends over and it would be ideal to have a seating area where they can relax with friends. If you’re short on space a mid-sleeper or hight sleeper bed is a great solution which could offer an extra seating area underneath without taking up any floor space.


As teens progress through their school years, it will quickly become apparent how important studying is. It is during this time they will start their GCSE’s and it is essential they have a space to quietly study. If there is an opportunity for a study area in their bedroom this is ideal as it gives them private space to concentrate and will help them learn how to manage their time effectively and learn good study habits.

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