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In a chaotic world, a place with peace and order provides welcome relief. Teaching your children to keep their rooms clean not only provides this comfortable safe haven, but also has the following
  • Helps a child learn to establish a regular routine and order
  • Teaches responsibility for possessions
  • Prepares for managing adult responsibilities
Since the ability to keep their room clean is so advantageous, it is worth the effort to make sure your children learn this important responsibility. These super tips for getting your kids to clean their rooms will help you do so.

Untidy teenage girl in her room

Set an Example
Kids pay more attention to what their parents do than what they say. If the adults in the home take pride in keeping everything in order and organized and do so on a daily basis, this behaviour will become what their children believe is expected and normal.
Give Your Kids Pride in Their Space
If your children are given a place of their own that meets their physical and emotional needs, they are more likely to wish to keep it neat and clean. Get your kids involved in deciding what their room looks like so that they really love their space. Also provide plenty of storage in the form of drawers, shelves, and closet space. Make sure they have bins, boxes, or colourful baskets to store toys andother belongings.
Clean with Your Kids
Until your kids learn how to clean their rooms, work with them to teach them how to do so. Makesure you have tools your children can use. For example, a heavy vacuum may discourage small
children; choose a lightweight model. Also, make sure cleaners do not contain dangerous chemicals. Even adults have been known to have the spray nozzle facing their face by mistake. Use cleaning time to talk, or put on some lively music and have a sing along.
Make Sure You Define What a Clean Room Looks Like
A short list works better than a long one. Younger children respond well to a checklist. Use onesimilar to the following:
  • Put sleepwear under your pillow or in the dirty clothes.
  • Make your bed before you leave your room.


  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper and clean clothes away.
  • Put toys and other belongings away.
  • Vacuum and/or sweep the floor
  • Dust
Control Your Kid’s Stuff
It is easier to keep a room clean if it is not crammed with possessions. Some parents establish a rule that one thing must go whenever their kids get something new. A new toy means an older one finds a new home. Get your kids involved in finding a place for the clothing and toys they have outgrown or no longer need to teach them the important life trait of sharing with those in need.
In addition to using these tips, set rules for health and safety. Clothing and toys strewn around the room provide a tripping hazard. Many families have a rule of no food in the bedroom to avoid forgotten pizza, spills, and the resultant odours and bugs. If you start your kids cleaning their rooms when they are young, they will establish habits of organization and cleanliness that  will stay with them when they are adults and have their own homes and families.

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