Before deciding which supermarket is the best for purchasing a school uniform, you need to take into consideration the age and needs of your child. If your child is experiencing a growth spurt requiring frequent replacement of clothing items, low cost may be more important than long lasting. However, if your child is hard on clothing due to age or activity level, a longer lasting uniform may be important to you. Additionally, most parents consider price when shopping for school uniforms. We have considered all these factors in our list of the best supermarkets to buy school uniforms.


With trousers described by parents as “indestructible” and polo shirts that wash well without fading, shoppers rate Asda having the best overall value – low expense and good quality. Many uniform items are outgrown before they wear out, making Asda uniform items a good choice if your child’s growth has slowed or you have younger siblings who can wear hand-me-downs. Since they offer trousers in both “plus” and “slim” sizes, parents report being able to outfit their “difficult to fit” children. Their gingham summer dresses also fit well.

Mark and Spenser (M&S)

M&S is known for the long lasting quality of their uniform items. Although a bit more expensive, many parents find their clothing is worth the price, especially their trousers, which “wash well and last a long time.” M&S is a good choice for trousers if your child is growing, as they have an adjustable waist.

Gingham dresses, cardigans and other knitwear are also of excellent quality. Parents also report watching for sales and special offers.


Although the BHS uniform items are the most expensive, many parents believe they have the best quality. If your son is on the chubby side, their “Generous Fit” may provide the comfortable fit they need. Parents also like the adjustable waist on boy’s trousers from BHS. All BHS uniform items are considered durable and long lasting.

Check on-line for uniform clearance items occasionally – they offer some excellent savings.

Some Additional Supermarkets to Consider for School Uniform Items

  • Sainsbury’s uniforms wash and wear well and their polo shirts have “great quality.”
  • TU cardigans “wash well and continue looking good.”
  • Next has a trouser for those children who are hard to fit.
  • Matalan is preferred by some parent for cross-back pinafores.
  • Tesco has reasonable and well-made school shoes.

The primary concerns for parents as they consider buyer school uniforms at a supermarket are quality, price, fit, and ease of care. Ultimately, your choice is dependent on the specific needs of your child. However, following a few shopping tips can help you find the school uniform perfect or your child:

  • Have your child try on the uniform for the best choice for the fit.
  • Look for fabric that “gives,” or elasticized or adjustable waistbands to allow for your child’s growth.
  • Uniforms with nicely finished buttonholes and strong zippers usually are of higher quality.
  • Fabrics should apply durable, but still be soft and comfortable, not stiff or rough.

The best supermarket to buy school uniforms is somewhat dependent on the individual needs of your child. However, using this information as a guide, you can shop for your child’s school uniform with ease and even enjoyment.

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