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We all want to do our best by our children and give them the best possible start in life.

Something invaluable that you can give to your children is the gift of kindness. It may cost nothing but it can make you feel very rich indeed. Teaching children the importance of kindness can really help to build decent morals in them – and might even make them get along better with any siblings!

Here are twenty ways you can show your child how kindness can bring happiness to others.

1. Take cakes to your local residential home for the elderly.
2. Gather up old baby blankets and take them to your local animal shelter.
3. Donate old toys to a toddler group.
4. At Christmas, buy one extra toy and take it to the children’s ward of your nearest hospital.
5. Put your pocket money in a charity collection tin.
6. Walk a neighbours dog.
7. Put out some food for wildlife – especially when the weather gets colder.
8. Buy an extra couple of tins on the weekly shop and take them to the food bank.
10. Send someone a card for no reason apart from to make them smile.
11. Send some flowers to a friend, relative or neighbour.
12. Is there a new kid at school? Invite them round to play after school.
13. Plant a tree.
14. Wash someone’s car.
15. Go litter-picking. You can sometimes find organised litter-picking via your local council.
16. Give out balloons in the street. They don’t have to be expensive helium balloons, if you have a scout around the Internet you can find balloon sticks at a very reasonable price.
17. Pay someone a genuine compliment. It’s surprising what a difference it can make.
18. Bake dog treats for your dog or a dog you know. Make sure you use a doggy-friendly recipe.
19. Dig out old teddies from the loft. Give them a wash and take them to a worthy cause for a tombola stall.
20. When you’re at the park and the ice-cream van pulls up, offer to buy an ice-cream for a friend.

None of these things cost very much – some cost nothing at all. There are endless things you can do to bring a little piece of happiness into someone’s life. The most wonderful thing about being kind is this; the person who will benefit the most from your kind acts … is you.

Written by our regular contributor Karen Hannah.

Twitter: @grumpyishmum

All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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