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Small children’s bedrooms are the curse of the self-taught interior designer/Pinterest browser! Tiny spaces don’t allow for crafting to fully develop, or your furniture up-cycling to spread its wings. Instead you have to dig out the measuring tape and start creating a Jenga-like design, just to fit the bedside cabinets into the bedroom. But worry not, your creative juices will have the chance to flow freely if you pick the correct type of bed for your little one.

High sleepers/Mid Sleepers

These beds have been cleverly designed to create a huge amount of space underneath the bed frame. This space can be used for a variety of things, either simply an area to store the piles and piles of toys your children have collected, or instead you can opt for extra storage furniture, such as drawers, cupboards or desks. The absolutely perfect way to create more beautiful space in a small bedroom!

Cabin Beds

Similar to the high and mid sleepers, the cabin bed is a raised single bed with a vast storage area underneath, with plenty of space to play, store or hide!

Trundle Beds

Most kids love a sleepover! A chance to sit up chatting all night, watch films and eat as much popcorn as is humanly possible! But, finding the space to store the extra bed in an already tightly packed room can be a bit of a headache. Enter the trundle bed – beautifully designed beds with a drawer underneath that pulls out to form an extra bed. Simply pop in a mattress and hey presto, you have a ready-made, easy-to-make, sleepover bed!

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