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What’s the best mattress to sleep on? Well that depends on the person in most cases. Simply put, a mattress that allows you to sleep comfortably, wake up feeling energized and doesn’t cause you any pain or stiffness is an excellent mattress for you. The fact is, there is not one single mattress that is perfect and works well for all people. It needs to provide enough support for your size and weight and enough comfort so that you feel great while you’re in it and sleep well because of it.

Over the last few years a lot of research has been done into why, how, when and where people sleep the best. One of the most important results of all of this research is that it shows that any mattress older than approximately 7 years will begin to fail and thus should be replaced. With that in mind, below are a number of excellent tips that should help you choose a mattress that’s just right for you and will help you get the sleep your body vitally needs.

Contrary to popular belief a firm mattress isn’t the best choice for everyone. There is also a big difference between true firm support and a mattress that only feels firm. Not only that, research into sleeping problems has shown that a medium – firm mattress is better for people suffering from low back pain.

“Pillow Top” mattresses have become very popular in the last few years but they’re still not for everyone. Children and very thin, lightweight people will probably not need the extra thickness that a pillow top provides and thus purchasing a mattress with a pillow top will be a waste of money. On the other hand, larger and heavier people generally will feel a bit more comfortable on a pillow top.

If you feel more comfortable and more relaxed while you’re sitting in a recliner in the living room you may want to consider purchasing an adjustable bed as it will let you elevate your head as well as your knees, something that can greatly relieve pressure on your low back.

Finally, when it’s time to actually purchase your mattress we recommend using a dedicated mattress manufacturer and it’s true what they say, ‘you get what you pay for’ and we do recommend getting as good mattress as your budget will allow. Simply put, the better the mattress, the better you will sleep.

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