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There’s nothing that the average child seems to like more than having a sleepover. Indeed it’s something that most children look forward to with great relish and seem to enjoy immensely.  Sleepovers can be a great way to make a close friend, do something more fun than the usual routine and spend time with someone special.

Sleepovers allow children to be themselves but they also help them to grow in many different ways.  They can be an excellent way for a child to learn communication skills and learn how to socialise with other kids,  They can also just be a lot of fun and let any boy blow off some steam or any girl show off her clothes or dolls. 

Sleepovers are also a way for kids to learn how to share, be courteous and interact on a more mature level with their peers.  Yes, it may seem that a sleepover is all screams and squeals and running around but, underneath all of that insanity, your child is learning and growing as a human being.

Sleepovers are a lot easier when the furniture in your child’s bedroom can easily accommodate an extra person (or 2). Today’s modern bed designs allow for a wide range of sleeping arrangements to be made when a sleepover is planned and make everyone’s night a lot more comfortable.   The traditional trundle bed has been replaced by superior designed beds that offer comfort, convenience and space saving features so that when you need an extra bed its readily available for use.

If your child has a high-sleeper bed with a futon underneath for lounging they have the perfect sleepover set-up but, no matter the bed, the experience, joy and fun of a sleepover is what’s most important. Sleepovers are indeed a treat, like a big present at Christmas, and they are looked forward to with much enthusiasm and giddy delight by the average child.


If your child is a fan of sleepovers the best thing that you can do is be prepared with the right bedroom furniture to handle the job.  Finding a bed that will convert from 1 person to 2 isn’t as hard as you might think and there are many options available today that are attractive, convenient to use and won’t break the bank.



So go for it mum and dad and let your kids have the occasional sleepover. It’s good for them, it’s only once in a while and they’ll smile a lot more if you do.  Have fun!

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