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While it is a well-known fact that studying, unless you are somehow mentally gifted, is vitally important to a student’s success in school, college and university, one factor that is often overlooked is the importance of a dedicated study space. Parents share partially in the blame for this as, without the knowledge that a dedicated study space is important, they don’t create one for their children to use. Sometimes however, even if a study space is created, it is not created in a way that is conducive to excellent study habits.

The simple fact is that every student is uniquely different. While some find it necessary to have complete silence while they study, others can study just fine with a bit of ambient noise in their study area. What this means is that a parent first needs to know what type of environment best suits their child if they are keen on creating a study space that will make the best use of their study time.

One of the most important factors in determining the best study space for your child is that it be accessible when they need it. This will cut down on excuses to not study and also will allow the student to arrange the study area in a way that is beneficial to studying correctly.


Next would be to make sure that the necessary equipment and tools are available. There needs to be sufficient surface for writing as well as plenty of space to set out notes and textbooks. Reference books, paper, pencils and, if necessary, a printer should also be incorporated into any study space but with the caveat that it shouldn’t be so cramped as to make studying uncomfortable.


One of the most overlooked factors when creating a dedicated study space is simply this; comfort. A comfortable chair with good back support is one of the most important tools a child can have, as well as a desk with plenty of legroom. Be honest; if you had a broken down old chair and tiny desk at your office you probably wouldn’t get a whole lot of work done, would you? The same can be said for your child’s study space. If they are comfortable they will be productive, so make sure that they have an excellent desk and chair in their study area.


Keeping their new study space clean and organized is also important. Not only is it helpful for creating good study habits but it also will create lifelong habits of organisation that will be of great use to them as adults. It is also paramount that, if they have siblings, those siblings respect their study space and don’t interfere with them while they are studying. (That goes for mum and dad as well.)

It can not be stressed enough that a dedicated study space is one of the most important tools for any student. Indeed, numerous studies have been conducted over the years that show that students who have one and follow the instructions above are the students that perform the best in school, hands down. If you have questions about the type of furniture, including desks, chairs, shelving units and storage area, that are the best for your child please let us know and will give you the help you need to find them.


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