There is nothing quite so important as the time when your child switches from sleeping in a cot (or a crib, depending on the term you use) to a regular, full-fledged bed.  It’s exciting, a little scary (for mum and dad as well as baby)  and even a little sad as you realise that your child is indeed growing up and changing rapidly.

That being said it’s also the time when you, as a parent, need to make some big decisions on what type of bed you’re going to get your daughter or son. There are so many choices on the market today that it’s not nearly as easy as it used to be to 

pick out this essential piece of bedroom furniture. Keep in mind when you’re doing your search that the average person, children included, spends the better part of one third of their life in bed and you’ll realise just how vital this decision really is.

There are, of course, the typical beds that are made with the traditional headboard and footboard and, while they are certainly adequate, we believe that the bed really needs to be more than just a place for your child to rest their weary head every night.

No, a bed should be a sanctuary where your child can go to ‘get away’ from the world sometimes, or lose themselves in imaginary playtime with ferocious beasts or fairy godmothers. A bed is also a place where bed-time stories can be read,  studying can be done and life lessons can be learned.


If you are short on space in your child’s bedroom there are numerous options today that can significantly increase the amount of storage space that your child will have in their 

bedroom. High sleeper beds, bunk-beds and even trundle beds all can greatly increase the amount of usable storage in your child’s bedroom and offer them a place to put all of their beloved treasures when the sandman shows up to take them off to sleep.

A high sleeper bed can also be used in concert with a study area and, since they’re so high off the floor, a desk, chair and some shelves can actually be placed under them to create an instant study place where they can be sure to keep up with their homework and study for that big test. If your children share a room bunk-beds are an excellent choice.

Before you make any decisions make sure to talk with a bed expert.  Your child’s comfort, and your peace of mind, depend on them having an excellent bed.  Make sure that your decision is a good one, for their sake and yours.

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