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Your children spend a great amount of time in their bedrooms, so have fun creating a special place that reflects your child’s unique personality. One way to do so is to choose a theme bed. No matter what your child’s age, there is a theme bed perfect for their room.

theme bed

Theme Beds for Infants

Since your baby’s bed is the focal point of the nursery, choosing one that sets the tone and mood of the room is very important. Some infant beds present a theme simply by their construction. For example, consider the romantic impression created by a bassinet or cradle.

If you opt for a crib, they come in many different styles; sleigh and canopy cribs, iron and wood. You also have a choice of any color. Some cribs convert to toddler or twin beds. If you have a great deal of space, consider a round crib in the center of the room with bright mobile featuring characters from your nursery theme hanging above.

Toddler Theme Beds

Your toddler spends the day exploring their environment with curiosity and enthusiasm. Now is the perfect time for a toddler theme bed to encourage the curiosity and imagination. Themed toddler beds are perfect for children from the ages of three until they are ready for a bigger bed. Toddlers love animals and a dinosaur or safari bed creates a perfect haven for fun and sleeping. For your little girl, flowers and butterflies bring the outdoors and nature’s beauty inside.

Children’s Theme Beds

When your child starts school, they begin to take an active interest in expressing their personality. Now is the time to decorate your child’s room in a theme you choose together. The largest piece of furniture in your child’s room is the bed. Therefore, choose a theme bed to create a foundation for the rest of the room’s decorations. How about flowers or a princess castle for your little girl, or a car, tractor, or other vehicle for your boy?

Now is the time to consider a loft, cabin, or bunk bed. These beds are wonderful space savers and a great deal of fun for kids, especially when you choose a theme bed. Vehicles are available, as well as animal themes. Or choose a bright flower or space-themed cabin bed.

Create a playful theme with a colorful cabin bed with a canvas tent underneath. Styles are available for both boys and girls, perfect for a themed bedroom.

Using Bed Construction or Style to Create a Theme

The way a bed is constructed also creates a theme for your child’s room. For example, if your child spends a great deal of time playing or reading on their bed, consider a couch bed. With storage either underneath or on the sides, these beds create a theme of relaxation simply with their construction.

Some beds are made of metal with sleek, modern lines. Others are solid wood with a natural finish or bright paint. Loft, bunk, and high beds set the stage for an active, vibrant theme when covered with child themed bedding.

Whether you are looking for a bed for your infant, toddler, or school-aged child, consider a theme bed to create a fun bedroom for your child. Whatever you and your child desire, there is truly a theme bed for everyone.


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