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We’re fast approaching the most exciting time of the year for children – Christmas Day.  However, Christmas Eve comes first and there are certain preparations that you need to make to ensure that Santa will stop at your house.  Your children may be concerned that Santa could pass them by so you need a plan in place to make sure that Santa knows exactly where you are to make sure the kids aren’t disappointed on Christmas morning.  We’ve put together three top tips for attracting Santa Claus to your address – get the kids to join in with this as it will help set their little minds at rest.

santa stop

  1. CHRISTMAS LETTER TO SANTA – if your kids haven’t already done so, they’ll need to write a letter to Santa to let him know how good they’ve been all year.  They can include a list of the things they would like to receive on Christmas morning so Santa knows exactly what they want.  Delivery options are varied – the traditional method is to post the letter up the chimney.  However, many UK homes nowadays don’t have a fire with a chimney so Santa has arranged other delivery options to give everybody a fair chance.  You can address it to Santa Claus, Lapland and pop it into the post box or in one of the special Santa boxes available in stores throughout the land.
  2. SIGNAGE IS VITAL – Make sure that you’ve bought a ‘Santa Stop Here’ sign, this is a surefire way of making sure that Santa doesn’t pass by unknowingly.  You can spend a great evening with the kids in the run up to Christmas making your own sign – you just need a strong piece of cardboard and a stake to attach it to so that you can pop this in the garden to make sure Santa knows which direction to take.  If making a sign is a bit too much for you (or if you don’t have the time in this very busy approach to Christmas), then it’s possible to buy a sign in supermarkets, newsagents and pound shops across the UK.
  3. SANTA FUEL – As you can imagine, delivering presents to every household in the world is pretty hungry work, for both Santa and for his reindeer.  This means that Santa will need to refuel along the way.  It’s essential to leave out some mince pies for Santa to snack on if he decides to take a little break at your house.  A drink of some sort would also help to refresh Santa on his busiest night of the year – whether you leave out milk, juice or a little tipple of some sort is entirely up to you and the kids.  Santa doesn’t mind what he drinks as long as there’s a little something there to help him along his way.  Don’t forget the reindeer – they need a snack that will keep them flying all night long as they pull Santa’s sled from house to house, from town to town, from city to city and from country to country.

Following the three tips above is the best way to make sure that Santa stops at your house and that the kids’ stockings are full on Christmas morning.


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