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Here at Room to Grow, we love Halloween. In fact we love Halloween so much, it’s scary. That’s why, at the spookiest time of year, we don’t mess around when it comes to throwing the biggest and best Halloween parties for our little ones.

Halloween Party

If you want to do Halloween the RtG way, here are some of our top tips for creating the ultimate Halloween celebration.


A Halloween party is nothing without some killer decorations. Luckily, there are loads of easy and inexpensive party ornaments you can make yourself at home. Want to dot eerie glowing eyes around the room? Cut eye shapes into old cardboard toilet rolls then pop cheap glowsticks inside. Want to decorate with spooky shadows? Stick cutout bats, castles, eyes, or ghost-shapes onto jam jars then fill it with a couple of tea lights. Ripped up cotton wool pads also make for great, quick spiderwebs.

Gruesome Goodies

Halloween is nothing without snacks and sweets (It’s the only reason anyone would spend hours traipsing around the neighbourhood in fancy dress that doesn’t involve lots of alcohol), so you’ll have to make sure you provide lots of goodies for your guests. For added spooky fun, try to make your snacks as gruesome as possible. Pickled onions make great eyeballs, as do lychees in sweet dishes. Jelly worms, blood-coloured red fruit drinks, and cute marshmallow ghosts are also big favourites. Remember though, not everything has to include sugar. To avoid having to tackle a bunch of tiny hyper monsters, throw in some fruit and veg in the guide of dead man’s fingers (carrots in dip), ghost popsicles (banana ends on sticks with raisin eyes), and tasty jack-o-lanterns (peeled tangerines with a pretend green stem look surprisingly like mini pumpkins!). That way everyone can have a happy and healthy Halloween.

Don’t Let your Guests Get Spooked

If you’ve got younger children, you might not want to spend the after-party trying to convince them to go to sleep after a terrifying night in. Instead of scary decorations and games, pick a different theme instead. How about cowboys and Indians with a real Wild West Wigwam? Or a dinosaur-themed party with dinosaur toys? That way everyone gets to dress up and have fun without littler guests getting too scared.

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