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As children get older, there will come to a point where as parents, you ask yourself whose responsibility is it when it comes to tidying their room?

Children are taught from a young age to be tidy – whilst at nursery or playgroup, they will be asked to help tidy toys and crafts away at the end of the day and teachers at school should always encourage children to be tidy and organised, and as parents we should continue to encourage this at home.

Being told to tidy their room is never going to excite a child, however there are ways to make it easy, and dare we say it – even fun! Here are some suggestions for making clean bedrooms possible.

What does ‘clean’ even mean?

Define clearly what it means to have a clean and tidy room. A checklist that your child can refer to will make it simple, and even they will find it satisfying ticking a completed job off their list!


Become a clean team

Cleaning can be seen as a lonely task, and for some children it may feel like a punishment instead of a way to contribute to the family. Two is always better than one, become the ‘clean team’ and get the job completed quicker by working together!


We all like an incentive! Why not plan something fun to happen when the cleaning is over? A trip to the shop for some treats or a family outing to celebrate a successful day of cleaning.


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