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Sunshine? Good. Spring flowers? Good. Cute animals? Good. Chocolate? GOOD! We absolutely love the Easter holidays, not least because they’re a great time to get crafty with your kids. Here’s some of our favourite Easter-themed family friendly fun.


Incr-edible Nests

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about Easter is all the lovely sweet treats! Why not try your hand at making your own this year? Edible nests are an adorable Easter treat that’s super easy for little hands to make. Simply melt chocolate, butter and syrup or honey in a pan (you’ll need to supervise this part) then mix in cornflakes until they’re all coated. Pop a bit of the chocolate cornflake mixture into paper cupcake cases and press two or three chocolate eggs on to the top of each one. Stick them in the fridge until they’re set and voila! Mini edible nests.


Egg Wars

Painting or dyeing eggs has been an Easter tradition for hundreds of years. This year, make the tradition even more exciting by launching your very own egg wars. Rustle up some hard-boiled eggs – the longer the boil, the better – and get your little ones to decorate them however they like (they can use watercolours, sponge prints, or dip dye to make them super colourful). When the decorated eggs are dry, it’s time for the egg battle. Each child picks an egg and taps them together, like conkers. Whoever ends up with an uncracked eggshell wins!


Go Flower Potty

We love filling our home with spring flowers and cute Easter-themed pots make the perfect vessel. Simply take a few clean jam jars – tall ones will work best – and have your little ones paint them in pretty pastel colours. Then add a cute bunny or chick face to each one; you can use googly eyes or just paint – let your little ones use their imaginations. Finish each jar off with some pretty twine wrapped around the top then fill with flowers.


Cress Head

Cress has long been a way to introduce children to producing their own food because it’s so easy to grow and take care of. This Easter, make the most of this versatile herb by making cute Cress Head eggs. Next time you use eggs in cooking, open them up by lopping the top off and then clean and save the bottom of the shell. When it’s time for crafts, have your little ones place a damp cotton wool ball in each shell and scatter it with a pinch of cress seeds. Place your egg in an egg cup, add googly eyes, set it on a dry, bright windowsill, and watch your eggs grow an impressive hairdo.


Happy Bunny

What’s more Eastery than an Easter bunny? If you’re planning on hosting an egg hunt this year, make it even more fun by having a bunny ear craft session beforehand. All you need is wire to make a headband and ear shape (you can do this in advance if you want to be extra safe), and supplies for little ones to decorate their own ears. Set up a decoration station with pastel card, paper, cotton wool, glitter or anything else you’d like, then let them go wild!



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