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Time to get creepy and crafty: 5 DIY Halloween costume ideas

We can’t quite believe it’s that time again – Halloween! This spooky celebration seems to be getting bigger and better every year, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on tricks and treats – here are 5 cute yet creepy DIY costume ideas.

Pretty Cool Pirate

Ahoy there matey! All you’ll need for this DIY costumer is a pair of black trousers and an old white shirt. You can add a pirate hat or head scarf, as well as an eye patch to create the perfect finishing look!

Fabulous Vampire

Once you’ve found some vampire teeth, the whole Vampire costume can be made from things you already have! Traditional vampires know how to dress pretty dapper, with black trousers and white shirts, paired with a cape that you can fashion out of a bin bag your little one will be good to go.

The Friendly Ghost

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts! All you need for this ghostly costume is one old sheet! Simply pop it over your child’s head and mark out the eyes and mouth. Remove the sheet, cut a hole where you made a mark and put it back on. It’s as simple as that!

Wicked Witch

The classic Halloween costumes for little girls. On a budget? Fear not, as this couldn’t be an easier costume to make at home. Find a bin bag and cut 3 holes – 1 for the head, and two for the arms, you can then turn this into a dress with a belt around the middle and by shredding the bottom half. You can get a wickedly wonderful witches hat at your local supermarket for a couple of quid, and voila – you’ve got your witches costume!

Magnificent Mummy

A Mummy costume is a popular choice and is so easy to put together for children. Find an old white t-shirt and a pair of old trousers, and then wrap toilet roll around your child’s body – it’s as simple as that! For a finishing touch, you could always wrap a bandage around their head and use some white face paint to complete the look.

Top tip: your little one will love it if you stay still while they spin around wrapping themselves up in the tissue!

We’d love to see how you dress your little one’s up this Halloween – share your pictures with Ollie and Leila,  bed specialists,  on Twitter.

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