New parents face a tricky time in winter, when we have to try and strike a balance between keeping baby warm yet making sure he or she doesn’t overheat. If this is your little one’s first Christmas, here’s how to keep them snug and safe during the festive season.

Cool Kids

The most important thing to remember is that babies don’t actually need to be kept as warm in winter as you might think. While you might love coming home to a roaring fire – or at least decent central heating – a baby’s optimum room temperature actually lies between 16 and 20º. This might feel a little cool to you but is perfect for baby, who can’t regulate her own temperature as well as we can. Try installing a thermostat in your nursery so you can make sure it’s kept at the right temperature. Try to also keep cots away from radiators, heaters, windows, direct sunlight, or anything else that might lead to extreme temperature changes.

Tummy Tests

If you are still worried, there are a few ways to tell if your baby’s at the right temperature. Firstly, don’t be tempted to feel their hands and feet. These often feel cold on babies so the best place to feel is their tummy. If the tummy feels too cold, you can change bedding or room temperatures as required. Similarly, damp hair, heat rash, and sweating are all a sign that he’s too hot so make sure to act as necessary as overheating can be extremely dangerous for babies.

Blanket Drill

If baby does feel a little cold, you can add bedding or bedclothes. Pop a vest on under their onesie or add another baby throw for a little extra cosiness. Make sure not to cover their heads though and save duvets for when they’re old enough to have their own toddler bed.

Bubble Time

One winter warmer you can treat little ones to is to give them a warm bath before bedtime. Nightly baths have shown to improve sleep quality and are a good way to warm up baby without prolonging a high temperature all night. Perfect for snug and cosy bedtimes.

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