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Halloween can be a scary time. No, we’re not talking ghosts and ghoulies, we’re talking sugar highs, safety hazard costumes, angry neighbours and all the other perils associated with a night of trick or treating. Luckily we’ve come up with a foolproof guide to making sure you can enjoy Halloween in a fun but – most importantly – safe way with your little monsters.



Before you head out…

Before you set off on your trick or treating adventure, there are a few things to prepare to make sure everything has a good time. Firstly, ensure costumes are suitable for walking in. Anything too long, that trails, or has a mask that might obstruct vision could be dangerous for little ones navigating a dark neighbourhood so this is the time to make adjustments. If there’s any chance your little ones might come across a Jack-o’-lantern, it’s a good idea to make sure costumes are flame retardant too. Got any miniature pirates or soldiers in the group? Check that swords are made from rubber or similarly soft materials. Even a plastic sword can cause damage if a tiny warrior gets a bit overexcited.

Try to also plan a route before you go, to make sure you don’t get lost or end up walking for too long. If your child is heading out with another family or friends, check they have a route planned too and that they’ll be accompanied by a responsible adult. This is also a good time to check whether anyone in your group has any allergies so you can make sure their sweets haul or face paint doesn’t come with any nasty surprises.

Last but not least, make sure trick or treaters enjoy a healthy meal before they head out. This should prevent any sugar overloads or unexpected nausea…

While trick or treating…

Stumbling around in the dark might be atmospheric but it’s not all that fun. Stick to well-lit areas and carry torches (or lanterns for a more authentic touch) on your walk to make sure everyone can see where they’re going. It’s a good idea to pair children up with a buddy system too, to make sure no one gets lost on the way.

When it comes to deciding whose door to knock on, go for houses with lights on and with decorations in the windows. That way you’re more likely to find that your visit is welcome.

When you get home…

One of the most exciting things about any trick or treating trip is getting home and finding out what’s in your haul. Don’t let your children do this by themselves, though. It’s important that you’re able to check that their sweets are safe and before they dig in. Watch out for sweets that are no longer in wrappers, look like they have been opened, or are homemade.




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