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There is no doubt that dens are fun, little hideaways for your children to escape to and hold secret ‘no parents allowed’ meetings. Now, I’m sure your children are well-versed in making a great den, but why not surprise them with the one you have built especially for them and their friends.

Here’s how to wow them with your den making skills:

What You Will Need

Lots of Blankets

Clothes Pegs

Sofa Cushions

Cushions and Pillows

Fairy Lights


  1. Find a location with enough space to house the den – the living room, dining room or bedroom all work well.
  2. Build the frame – You can utilise many areas of the house to create the structure of your den. The dining table makes a pretty sturdy roof, or use dining chairs to create the den structure (their backs make great support for the blankets to hang across). Large sofa cushions balanced on their side make excellent walls too. Try experimenting with different sizes of walls, as this will create varying heights for your children to crawl around.

Once you have the frame in place, hang your blankets (or sheets) across them to create the den structure. Use clothes pegs to hold the blankets in place.

3.Decorate – now comes the fun bit, making the inside as cosy as possible. Lay blankets on the floor and fill the space with cushions, sleeping bags, bean bags…anything that will make the secret hideaway as comfortable as possible.

Add fairy lights, this will not only make the space look magical, but it also gives your children light to read books, tell stories or, most importantly, eat snacks!

Which leads us on to the most important part of any den, the snacks! There is something about eating food in a den that makes it taste that much better, so make sure it is full to the brim with delicious den-treats!

However, if you want a slightly easier, less timely way to build a den, then check out our collection of rather fabulous bunk beds for kids. Bunk beds are great space savers for your kids’ bedroom, plus the bottom bunk can be easily converted into a den. For the ambitious crafters, a bespoke curtain creates a permanent private reading den or simply hang a sheet from the top bunk and voila!

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