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5 Most common New-Year’s Resolutions

Every year the time comes when we decide to make (often unachievable) promises to ourselves to make us a better person for the upcoming year. These promises tend to last approximately 4 weeks until we give up, return to our old ways again and carry on as normal! New Year’s resolutions who?

Here is a summary of the most popular few for 2018…


1.Learn a new skill or hobby

That passion emerges when we think of a skill or hobby that has been playing on our mind for years, but now is the time we finally pick up the courage to set this as our new life goal. Whether it be a specific musical instrument you’ve always had a burning to desire to learn to play, or a skill you had in the past that you’d love to get back into. Many of us have big ideas of what we aim to achieve. So as 2018 approaches, promises are made to put these plans into place. Take a chance, you could surprise yourself and be the next world champion swimmer by next year.

2.Stop Procrastinating. Do More.

As December comes to a close and we reflect on the past year, plans begin to form for the future. The biggest obstacle between most people and their goals (including those listed within this feature) is the constant distraction of making up excuses and the desire to relax, rather than acting on our plans. Procrastination at its best. These bad habits and lack of motivation result in loss of opportunities and experiences, that we will live to regret. Setting yourself a daily target to take part in something that takes you out of your comfort zone is a great starting point. This positive attribute is definitely desirable to rub off onto your children too. Make 2018 the year you grab life by both hands and make the most of each day

3.Stop Smoking

It affects the smoker themselves, family, friends and everyone around them, but despite this smoking is known as one of the strongest addictions to resist. In a bid to promote better health within our lifestyle as a whole, good intentions are formed to give up smoking for good despite how many times you may have experienced failed attempts in the past. There are many ways you can supress cravings to prevent you from reaching into your pocket for the cigarettes. Reward charts work perfectly for children to deter bad behaviour or teach right from wrong, so why not reward yourself in a similar way for every milestone you overcome through your journey to a healthier smoke-free life?

4.Exercise More

Every time you run for the last train or run after your child at the local park, you remind yourself you must start exercising more. Many of us use the arrival of a New Year as an excuse for navel gazing and wishing we were a bit more toned, or reminiscing over old pictures where we were happier with our physique. In an attempt to turn over a new leaf goals are focused on altering our present routine to incorporate more opportunities to exercise into our everyday life. This could involve walking to work rather than driving or going for a bike ride with the children on a weekend. These simple changes can result in a beneficial impact over time.

 5.Eat More Healthily/ Lose Weight

Last but not least, the most popular New Year’s Resolution amongst us will be unsurprising the  is the pledge to eat healthier – which usually links to weight loss. Who doesn’t start January 1st vowing to begin a complete new lifestyle? After we’ve overindulged for the past week straight with desserts and chocolate a plenty, the phrase ‘New Year New You’ comes to mind. We all aim to transform ourselves into a smaller healthier version of our current self. The latest (very unappetising) diet craze has been spotted while scrolling through social media over Christmas we make the decision to take it up. This usually involves the addition of embarking on a fresh cooking agenda to support the healthy eating programme and monitor the important number on the scales daily.

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