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With the Christmas holidays just around the corner and the guarantee of some new toys on the block, we reckon the festive season is the perfect time to get that playroom in order. Whether you’ve got all the space in the world or not very much at all, here are a few top tips for creating the perfect playroom.


Space Invaders

We’d all love to have a whole space in our home dedicated to play but, in reality, it isn’t always possible. If your child’s bedroom is their playroom, you needn’t worry – children’s playroom furniture has come a long way since we were young, and there are plenty of options for making a bedroom into a playroom as well. For example, playhouse beds are a great idea for space savers because your little one gets a cosy sleeping space and playhouse all in one.

Feature Fun

Whatever the size of your space, try creating your playroom around one feature piece. Choosing a focal point for the room can help prevent it from feeling cluttered as well as giving you a theme to work around. A playhouse bed, wigwams and teepes, or a fun toy like the Super Chef kitchen will transform a playroom into a whole new world, while providing a single focal point that keeps the room from looking too busy.

Quiet Time

While playrooms are totally all about the fun, it can be nice to give your little one a Quiet Time place too. Choose an item of playroom furniture that gives them somewhere cosy or tucked away where they can enjoy their favourite book, whether that’s toddlers armchairs or a cute playhouse where they can hide away. Alternatively, your little one might enjoy their quiet time by drawing or writing, so make sure your playroom includes a desk or dedicated space where they can do this properly.



At the end of playtime, the perfect playroom should also make it easy for little ones to tidy up after themselves. If your little one finds it hard to put their toys back in different places, a classic toy box is the perfect answer, while baskets, bags, and boxes can also be a decor-friendly way to organise possessions.

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