Plenty of parents are choosing to wait until their baby is born to find out its gender. After all, being able to discover the gender of your baby before birth is a relatively new development in the grand scheme of things, so leaving it as a surprise can be a way of harking back to simpler times. However, some people would be shocked at the idea of leaving you’re decorating to chance or having to re-design your baby’s nursery once you find out their gender. But why does your nursery have to be gendered at all? There are plenty of ways to make your nursery gender neutral and you don’t have to abide to traditional gender stereotypes when you decorate your baby’s room. The days of pink for girls and blue for boys are numbered and designing your baby’s room when you don’t know their gender is a great way to apply some new perspectives.


Grey is becoming an increasingly popular colour to use when decorating your home. A softer grey can work as the perfect foundational colour in your baby’s nursery. More colourful accessories can be added to give the room some vibrancy and the good news is that pretty much any colour complements grey. Bedding, cushions and blankets can give the room more personality and can easily be changed when you know your baby’s gender and want to make it more sentimental.

Choose a Theme

There’s nothing gendered about the sky, a beach or a jungle, so why not pick a theme for your baby’s room. Decorating your baby’s room with stencils and murals on the wall can provide a lovely, relaxing environment for your nursery and your baby to flourish in. You can always add specific images to your mural/theme, as your child grows up and develops their own interests. You could make a beach theme more adventurous, with some submarines and sea creatures or add some critters to your jungle or forest scene.


When you don’t know your baby’s gender, it can be a good idea to keep the room as minimalist as possible to begin with. Make sure you have all of the necessities in the room, but keep it simple. When your baby has been born, if you want to start making changes in response to their gender then you can add things as you go along, or you could keep the minimalist look and remain gender neutral.

Mix Colours

One way of making sure your baby’s room is gender neutral is by using a huge array of bright colours. This will make the room less feminine and masculine simultaneously, because you’ll be using all sorts of different colours. By mixing lots of bright colours up, your baby will be exposed to a vibrant room that uses colour in a genderless way.


Everyone loves animals and they aren’t attributed more to girls than boys and vice versa, as animals come in both genders. Scattering your nursery with friendly critters is a lovely way to decorate your baby’s room and introduce them to the world of animals.

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