Being a parent is tough. If you’re not helping out with homework or making packed lunches, you’re whizzing around on the school run and trying to explain to your little one why that word they heard on the TV last night absolutely must not be repeated at school… You need a break and, since it’s widely acknowledged that laughter is the best medicine, we dug out these hilarious exam answers written by smart children whose parents (we imagine) must be even more stressed out than we are.

10 points to Gryffindor

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We’ll never hear this word in the same way again

exam 2
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We can’t argue with this one

exam 3

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Well, it’s not exactly wrong?

exam 4

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It is very funny, Peter
exam 5

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This kid is going on to great things

exam 6

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Being creative pays off!

exam 7

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Honesty is the best policy

exam 8

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 Sorry Tony

exam 10

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Are we talking about Mark again?

exam 11via awesomeinventions.com

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