These days, social media abounds with new and creative ways to make life’s special moments even more special. From flash mob engagements to hilarious resignations, an announcement just isn’t an announcement unless you do it cleverly and share it on the internet afterwards. The ones we especially can’t get enough of are adorable baby announcements. Here are some of the best we’ve seen.

A Bun in the Oven


via Wendy Bright Faust & parenting.com

When Wendy wanted to announce her pregnancy to her family, she thought it was best to go literal. We love how adorable this simple message is plus how hilarious it would be watching family members slowly cotton on.

Ice Ice…


via brainjet.com

One for all you nineties hip hop fans out there. This one might cause a bit more trouble for the grandparents.

Boys vs Girls


via wowamazing.com

If you’ve already got a boy and a girl, this game is one of the cutest ways to announce a third arrival.

Guess what…


via Alexa Goolsby

We can’t stop watching this video that is both hysterical and delightful at the same time. See the full video here and watch as this dad learns he’s about to become a granddad via a fun game of lipreading.

Pregnancy announcements: celeb-style


via parents.com.

Of course you could make like RDJ and go for a fuss-free Twitter announcement. 29,000+ likes, not guaranteed.

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