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Perhaps it’s just us but we think there’s something about children’s literature that we just enjoy more than books for grown-ups! Everything’s more magical, the illustrations are more imaginative, and the messages are more inspiring – something we need just as much when we’re adults as we do when we’re little (if not more!). Whether you’re revisiting an old favourite from your own childhood or these titles are entirely new to you, here are the books we enjoy reading just as much as our kids do.


The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

From its poetic prose to it’s enchanting illustrations, this little book has fascinated both children and adults alike for decades. While your little one will enjoy the beautiful images and easy-to-follow tale, you’ll love the books incredible philosophy and endlessly quotable phrases.


Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Senda

On the surface a simple tale of a little boy who learns to value his parents, Where the Wild Things are is at heart a compelling tale of anger, imagination, fear, and the frustration of being a child. Alongside Sendak’s captivating illustrations, this is a tale that will help children understand their parents and parents understand their children.


Oh, the Places You’ll Go – Dr Seuss

It’s pretty hard to pick a favourite Dr Seuss book but Oh, the Places’ boundless optimism and enthusiasm for life just edges it ahead for us. Children will love the funny rhymes, quirky drawings, and bright colours while parents won’t be able to help but feel super inspired.


The Giving Tree – Shel Silverstein

With its simple illustrations and heart-rending message, The Giving Tree is another children’s book that has sparked conversation ever since it was published in 1964. Great for parents and children who love to discuss books after reading, The Giving Tree is an honest tale that will leave both adults and children thinking about it for ages.


I Want My Hat Back – Jon Klassen

Quirky illustrations and a bear with hilarious comic timing make this one of our absolute favourite story books ever written, let alone for children. Follow the bear as he looks for his lost hat in this multiple award-winning picture book that will have adults laughing possibly even more than their little ones.

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