The Top 10 Christmas Eve Traditions

Posted on 19/12/2021 by Room to Grow
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The Top 10 Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas traditions are incredibly important and as a family you probably already have a few of your own, but we’re sure there is always room for some more. Christmas Eve is a magical time and often just as special as the day itself. Whether Christmas Eve in your house is a time for snuggling up on the sofa and watching films or going out and enjoying the company of others there are surely traditions which you and your family have stuck to for many years. There is always the opportunity to create even more fun family traditions this Christmas with your little ones; we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite Christmas Eve traditions to provide you some inspiration.

Gingerbread House

Let’s start with a sweet treat! If you think yourself a whiz in the kitchen you can buy stencils to bake your own gingerbread to make a gingerbread house, alternatively you can purchase a gingerbread house making kit and all you need to do is build and decorate it. You can buy a few and have a competition if you have older children or make one in advance for the kids to decorate on Christmas Eve. Even better you can sit and eat it whilst you snuggle up to watch Christmas films, or if you’re feeling generous leave some for Santa!

Track Santa

The NORAD Santa tracker allows you to track Santa from December 1st, but the fun really starts on Christmas Eve as you watch him make his way across the globe delivering presents. It is not only a fun Christmas tradition which really builds excitement, but it is also a great way of teaching children about other countries.

Christmas Eve Box

Giving children a Christmas Eve box has become a tradition for many, especially over the past few years. It is a great way to start the festivities and gift a few pre-Christmas treats. Common things to include in a Christmas Eve box are; pyjama’s, slippers, sweet treats and activity books. Things which can be used on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning make for great additions.

Leave Treats for Santa and the Reindeer

A great tradition that many people have in their home is to leave treats for Santa and the Reindeer out besides the Christmas tree, after all delivering presents to children across the globe is tiring work and Santa needs a little treat. There are many options for treats, Santa isn’t too fussy. Popular treats include mince pies and cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. Being Santa is thirsty work, so perhaps leave him a glass of something festive.

Watch a Festive Film

For many, snuggling up on the sofa on Christmas Eve and watch a family favourite is the best tradition at all. Every family seems to have their own personal favourite; whether that be Home Alone, Elf or The Grinch just to name a few. Get the popcorn out and cuddle up in front of the TV.

Hang Stockings

Many families hang stockings, where you choose to do so is up to you. For ease, hanging them downstairs is best; this way you don’t have to worry about sneaking into your child’s room as they sleep (or don’t sleep as they wait for Santa’s imminent arrival). If you’re crafty you can even attempt to make your own!

Go to the Pantomime

For families that love a show, why not take a trip to the pantomime this Christmas Eve? Pantomime’s are great for the kids and can really get them involved if that’s what they like. Check out what’s showing near you, they differ by location and change every year!

Make Toy Sacks for Children in Need

Why not give back this Christmas? The night before Christmas, get your kids to go through their old toys and games and see what they no longer need; this is a great way to make room for new presents and they can all be gathered up and donated to those who are less fortunate.

Carol Singing

Singing Christmas carols can be fun for all; even if you don’t venture out of your living room! Put some Christmas classics on and sing along as you prepare for Santa’s arrival!

Look and Listen out for Santa

Whilst you’re tracking Santa online why not listen out for his bells as he flies nearby. Looking and listening for Santa is a great way to get the kids excited for his arrival (and perfect to send them off to bed as he gets closer!)

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