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Now that the summer’s over and the children are all back in school, many parents are taking the time to catch their breath and catch up with their lives.  We’ve enjoyed an absolutely brilliant summer this year, the best in a long time and October is predicted to be warmer than average, though we will get average rainfall for the month.  As the autumn gets underway and we begin to think about the approach of winter, now is a good time to look at some of the things that we can do with the children on a rainy day.

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Just because the weather is miserable, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have a miserable time – rainy days can be just as smiley as sunny days if you come up with some great fun things to do for the family.  Here are five suggestions:

  1. BREAK OUT THE BOARD GAMES – Getting out the board games and spending the afternoon playing them with the children can be magical. Kids don’t always need to be taken on expensive days out or treated to a trip to the shopping mall – having their parents spend time goofing around playing is what happy childhood memories are made of.
  2. MAKE A MARBLE RUN – Get creative with the kids and make a magnificent marble run. You can use old cereal boxes, Pringles tubes, loo and kitchen paper rolls and whatever else you can find.  Join them together using duct tape, staplers and rubber bands to build the maddest marble run you can come up with.  Don’t limit yourself to one room – keep adding to the run to grow it as big as you can.  If you start upstairs, you’ll add extra levels of wonder and excitement and this is an activity that could take up a whole rainy afternoon.
  3. CAPTURE SOME CULTURE – Visit a local museum or art gallery for an educational afternoon with a difference. Most cities in the UK have several museum, some in outlying towns – if you’ve already visited the large museum why not check out some of the smaller ones – many of these will be dedicated to a specialist subject, a great way of provoking thought and starting discussions with your children.
  4. WALKING IN THE RAIN – Just because it’s raining you don’t have to stay indoors. If you like the outdoors, make sure all of your family has good quality rainproof clothing and wellies so that you can enjoy a walk whatever the weather.
  5. DESIGN YOUR OWN PIZZA PARTY – If you’ve elected to stay at home and play,, then why not round off the day with a Design your own Pizza Party at tea time? You’ll need a pizza base for each child, so divide your pizza dough into the requisite number of bases (or have some readymade ones on standby in the cupboard).  Make (or use a readymade) pizza sauce to spread on each base – watch the little ones get creative and have some great fun spreading the tomato sauce around).  Gather a selection of different components for topping the pizzas:
  • Salami, ham, tuna
  • Chopped onion, red and green peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn
  • A bowl of grated Cheddar cheese and some slices of mozzarella cheese
  • Italian seasoning to sprinkle on top

Let each child really go to town on assembling his or her pizza, adding their favourite ingredients and making patterns to decorate.  Let the children top each pizza with cheese and a sprinkling of herbs or seasoning and then cook in the oven for a great end to a rainy day.


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