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Every year new toys are introduced and some become the top toys for that year. However, there are some toys that stand the test of time, popular year after year and always chosen first when multiple toys are available for play. The following list of toys are timeless toys – toys you played with, your parents probably played with, your children play with now, and your grandchildren will certainly play with as well.

These colourful bricks are made by a family company founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, and now owned by grandson, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Legos come in many interesting sets designed for all ages and interests.

Crayola introduced their fat, waxed drawing pencils in 1903. Many companies followed and most also have a line of markers and coloured pencils.

First widely available in 1955, there are even recipes for non-toxic homemade play dough.

Introduced in 1959, these fashionable dolls are loved by little girls everywhere.

These action figures were vehicles that turned to robots. They are still available, especially since the release of the Transformer movies.

Cabbage Patch Kids
Little kids, both boys and girls, love these soft, lovable dolls, each with their own personality.
First widely available in 1982, they continue to delight children.

A family game where players buy property, houses, and hotels, this board game was first widely available in 1934 and is still a favourite today

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