Teething, a stage of a baby’s growth which often causes discomfort for both you and your baby. Whether they begin to show signs of getting their new pearly whites at 4 months, 8 months or somewhere in between, with the help of the following genius tips hopefully the symptoms that come with it will be put at bay!


1.Teething Toys

A teether provides quick easy relief for your baby and also acts as a great distraction from the pain they may be experiencing. Various cleverly designed options are available, so it may take a little time to experiment and find the most effective shape or texture for your little one, depending on which teeth are causing the problem. Circular teething toys tend to be great for when the front teeth are initially coming through, but Molars are often helped with a longer thinner shape instead. Teething necklaces are the perfect solution to soothing pain while on the go as it is less likely to be misplaced. Top tip – place the teether in the fridge for half an hour prior to handing it over to your baby. The cold temperature will offer relief when chomped on!


  1. Warm Cloth

Soak a new and clean face cloth in warm water or chamomile tea for a short time and then try giving it to your baby to chew on. Those swollen aching gums will be soothed by the warm water and cloth texture. This method also encourages the teeth to break through which is always a positive!


  1. Snacks

Even something so simple as munching on a small snack such as dry toast can be another way to ease teething discomfort. Or if your baby is old enough, try giving them strips of cucumber which have been frozen. A great combo of both crunchy and cold which is bound to help during periods of teething. Soft foods are sometimes better on the other hand, it all depends on the individual baby.

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