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Life when you are a teenager can sometimes really suck.  The suns out, it’s early summer so it’s pleasantly warm and where are you?  Stuck in doors cramming for your exams (do they still call it that?) so it’s hardly going to seem like the fairest thing in the world, all these exams. Well, not to put too fine a point on it, get over yourself, it’s one of the things in life that just has to be done.   However, there are a number of things you can do to make things less tough when it comes to final exams.  A few simple tips can make all the difference and make exams ALMOST bearable.

·         Make study part of your routine – don’t leave it all to the last minute. Build study time onto your normal school or college life.  A short amount of time studying each and every week will make sure you retain much more of what you have learned and therefore need to spend less time revising.

·         Study in a good place – get away from everyone else, pets, family, friends, TV and iPod.  Find a cosy space where you can spread out everything you need – books, pencils, calculators and internet access if possible.  They odd Do Not Disturb notice would work well here as well.

·         Plan out how to use your time – ongoing revision can fit around all of your other activities but make sure you do fit it in though. Pre–exam studying will benefit from being rather more planned.  Start with your exam timetable and just work backwards. Balance things out with the good and the not so good so you always have some good to look forward to.

·         Look after number 1 – That’s you silly. Top up the fluids – avoid sugary drinks like the plague – they cause you to crash! Drink water, a good squeeze of lemon or orange will make it much tastier. Remember to eat healthy and don’t plan your revision for after a big meal.  After eating blood gets diverted away from the brain to digest your food so you’re likely to fall asleep at your desk.

·         Plan a few treats – why not, you’re worth it. Set yourself realistic goals that still stretch you and spread them out with some favourite treats.  Time with friends, playing sport, trips to the cinema, the secret is to link the work with the reward in your mind and then the next lot of work becomes less of a chore.

Mix it up – not the music the studying you silly billy!  Sounds obvious, but it’s all in the mix. Keep the variety in your study timetable and make sure you do different types of work every time you settle down.

 ·         Concentrate and keep concentrating – concentration is tough, especially if you keep breaking it. Make sure you have everything you need before you start and also make sure those around you know that you are off limits. That way, once you get into the work and those concentration levels start to soar you won’t get brought down with a bump.

·         Test yourself to see if your studying has been successful – get a family member (friends are not a good idea are they!) to give you a test. There are plenty of revision tests you can buy and they are worth investing in. You can also share them with friends to save some cash (but don’t say I told you to).

·         Don’t panic, don’t panic! – good old Lance Corporal Jones (if you’ve not seen Dad’s Army then find an episode to watch as a treat in your study breaks– it’s hilarious and would make a great reward for yourself). Seriously, plan your studying well ahead, keep it short and sweet throughout your course and you won’t feel the need to panic in the run up to your exams.

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