Are you a parent who feels a shudder of dread at the thought of entertaining your children for a whole half term? Well we’re here to put a stop to that and show you how half term can be just as fun and fabulous for parents as it is for kids.

Read on for our top tips for a fun and fabulous February half term!

For Sunny Days

Yes, believe it or not, sunny days can happen in February! Being stuck indoors for a whole half term is likely to give the whole family cabin fever so make sure to check the weather forecast and make the most of any days the sun comes out to play. Here are just a few of the things you can do when the rain stops:

  • Family Nature Day – Whether you’ve got your own bikes or you want to hire some, or you’d rather just go for a wander, seeking out nearby nature and wildlife for a family day out checks all the boxes. Not only will your little ones love exploring and learning about the plants and animals around them, you’ll all get some fresh air and some good exercise! Check out The Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives scheme to get some inspiration or find out what’s going on in your area.
  • Garden Fun – Of course the February weather can be unpredictable so you might not always want to stray too far from home. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors with your kids though, you just have to do it on a micro scale! Getting the kids out in the garden to play games, sports, build bug hotels, or do some planting for spring has all the benefits of a day out in nature with the added bonus of being able to run inside should the rain change its mind.
  • Getting Out and About – Whether you want to stay close to home or go for an all-out adventure, check out our Get Outdoors board on Pinterest for outdoors inspiration.


For Rainy Days

It is February after all so we probably should expect some rain and cold temperatures. If it’s just too horrid to head outside, there’s still plenty of fun indoor activities you can do at home and elsewhere this half term.

  • Fun for Free – Keeping kids busy is easy if you’ve got lots of spare cash to pay for activities but that’s not always the case for all of us. Luckily there are loads of inexpensive or totally free activities and events for kids going on all over the country this half term so get Googling to find something in your area.
  • At-Home Activities – Getting little minds to focus on a project is a great way to keep them entertained for hours. Whether this is an arts and crafts day, a treasure hunt, putting on a play, or writing a story, there are loads of at-home activities you can do with your kids that will give you a little break too – which is especially great if you need to work from home over the half term. Check out our Let’s Get Creative board on Pinterest for some inspiration.

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