We all know that toddlers are temperamental creatures, and in all honesty, the idea of taking two of them on an airplane is mildly terrifying.  A small, confined space, two children who love to move and a lot of other passengers who were looking forward to reading their books in peace.

Tomorrow morning we leave for a week in Italy and this week has been spent preparing.  My experience has taught me that the better prepared, the easier the day, so I thought I would share some of my advice for travelling with a one and three year old.


    • We love a Trunki.  We let Dylan pack his own (and then when he is asleep unpack it and put in something more practical).  Essentially it is a portable playroom, and as well as some sensible plane entertainment like colouring books and stickers, we put in toys for when we arrive at our destination, as by the time we are there, the bloke and I are usually ready to lie down and have a rest, whilst the kids want to release some energy!


    • Try wrapping things up, even old toys work, but the novelty of pulling something out a bag and unwrapping it seems to delight any toddler  I have a bag for those sticky situations when bribery is the only answer.


    • Whatever your normal views on technology are, relax them.  I try to limit screen time at home, but when we are travelling, I fill my tablet and phone with child friendly apps and cartoons in the hope it keeps them still a while.


    • Try and plan a flight with nap time.  We tend to pick very early flights, as the early morning and excitement of an airport means they fall asleep quite soon after we get on the plane.


    • Something new always works, I tend to choose a good magazine for them with a cheap plastic toy.


    • Take savoury snacks, and things that take a while to eat – kiddy crisps, carrot sticks and raisins are all great – too much sugar will make them hyper, but snacks help break up a journey.


Despite having done this several times, I am still nervous, so wish us luck on our journey – there will be big ice creams for everyone if we survive!  Our alarms are set for 4am and the Trunki is full of sticker books and toy cars.

Written by Becky – http://themummyadventure.com

All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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