Pregnancy can seem to last years or just weeks depending on how it goes, and for me this one is definitely weeks.  It came as a big shock to see those two blue lines, but ever since I got my head around the idea and decided to embrace this pregnancy, the time has flown, and I find myself with only 7 weeks until my due date feeling unprepared in every sense.

Whilst we are nowhere near ready physically, that isn’t my biggest concern.  I have two beautiful boys, a comic pair that are each others best friends, sibling and play mate.  They have one on one time with us as we have the right adult to child ratio, and they have each other.  Their dynamic is only getting better as they grow up together, and it is all about to be disrupted with a new baby, a new sibling to fight with and share with, a new person demanding on mummy and daddy’s attention.  I know that they will love this baby, and I am quietly confident that I will cope with being so outnumbered I don’t even have a hand for each child, but I worry and wonder about how it will affect the family dynamic.

Physically, we have a nursery that we can’t even get through the door of as it is full of ‘stuff’ that needs to be cleared out, and filled with baby’s teeny tiny clothes and possessions.  We have a bedroom to tidy and reorganise, and a crib to assemble and attach to our bed.  I have a hospital bag to pack, we have clothes and essentials to buy and we need to get a carrycot for our pram so that baby has somewhere to lie as we walk.

I see other people due near me who are packed and organised and I look on in admiration and fear as it reminds me that there are only 4 weeks until I am classed as full term, only 7 weeks until my due date and a maximum of 9 weeks until I hold my little man in my arms.

Unfortunately the nesting instinct seems to be missing this time, and instead I have the sitting on your bum eating chocolate instinct – it would be wrong to deny it.  I think the problem with having two toddlers is that by the time they are both asleep, I am ready for a bath rather than a clear out!

I have seven weeks to get organised, and I am going to start, I am . . . I might write a list.


Written by our regular contributor Becky.

Website: http://themummyadventure.com
Twitter: @mummyadventure

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