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When your child begins to walk, it is time to update the nursery to meet the needs of your toddler. Furniture, accessories, and space need to be accessed, renew, and replaced if necessary.

Decide on a Theme and Colour

You may wish to make major changes in wall colors now, but wait until those preschool years when children become more aware of their surroundings. A fresh coat of non-toxic paint on used furniture and a colorful border print on the wall may be all you need for an update now. Choose light, bright colors or eggshell white to keep the room fresh and full of light. Consider blinds so that the room will be dark at night, but full of sunshine during the day. Purchase new bedding for the updated bed in colors or a theme your toddler loves.

Update the Bed

Whether you choose to replace the crib with a toddler bed or go straight to a twin bed depends on what you have available, the size and maturity of your child, and personal preference. Remember that a toddler bed will probably only last a few years, whereas a twin can be used until your child is a teenager.
If you choose a toddler bed, consider a theme such as a car or superhero for boys, a princess or flowers for a girl. Make sure the bed has side rails for safety. If your child moves around a great deal at night, consider placing the mattress and box springs on the floor at first.

Add Storage

Your toddler has more toys and clothes and needs additional storage space. You will want to add a dresser to the room if all you have used is the changing table. If you have had an extremely small dresser, you may need to replace it with a larger model. Also, consider shelves with bins for storing toys. Clean out the closet and see if adding some shelves to the interior is an option – toddlers do not have a great deal of clothing that requires hanging. Also, consider lowering closet rods and adding hooks or pegs for easy storing and retrieval of clothes.

Create a Place for Reading and Crafts

To prepare your toddler for preschool, purchase a sturdy, child-sized bookshelf and stock it with easy-to-read books. Place a reading spot near a window with a beanbag chair or some large, soft pillows. Provide plenty of light from a window or a bright, overhead light.

Purchase a small play table and chair for art projects and drawing. Make sure you store markers, crayons, scissors, and glue out of the room when you are not able to supervise their use.

Make More Floor Space

Toddlers love to play on the floor, so you want to have plenty of space for them to do so. Remove the diaper pail, any toys your child has outgrown, and walkers, bouncy seats, and swings. You may also need to remove some furniture from the nursery to make more space. Consider moving the rocking chair somewhere else in your home. If you do not have wall-to-wall carpets, purchase a very large area rug to use as a play area.
Updating your nursery to a toddler’s room is neither time-consuming nor expensive. A bit of imagination and a few hours is all it takes to create a space your toddler will love.

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