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With Valentine’s day on the horizon, we have collated several ideas of how you can spread the love and make someone smile this February 14th whether your valentine is 2 or 102!
After all, Valentine’s Day is for sharing love to everyone not just the grown-ups.

You’re Berry Special!

Why have regular pancakes when you can have heart shaped pancakes? Start the day right by spreading the love and adding a Valentine’s touch to the most important meal of the day. All you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter, pancakes and some mixed fruit. Pancakes are very easy to make if you have the time, or alternatively this idea would work equally as well with regular toast. Ensure you choose raspberries and strawberries to master the red theme to equal a ‘berry’ special breakfast concoction.

What an appetising way to ensure your child gets their 5 a day too!

Bee-Mine Biscuits

What better excuse to get together as a family than with a spot of Valentine’s inspired baking! Follow the recipe below to turn everyone’s favourite Oreo cookies into cute little bumble bees:

  • Oreo cookies
  • Flaked almonds
  • Ready to roll icing in yellow and red
  • Circular cookie cutter approximately Oreo size
  • A small heart icing tool

Roll out the yellow icing and use the cookie cutter to make a circular shape. Then carefully use a knife to cut the circle into strips and place on top of the Oreo biscuit, which will create the bee’s stripes. For the wings use two flaked almonds and position at the top of the biscuit. Use the heart cutting tool on the red icing to form a little heart then place in the centre of the wings. Finally, bring the bee to life and make an eye with the end of a fork in the yellow icing.

Scatter the table with confetti for that extra Valentine’s touch and serve on a heart shaped plate for the ultimate after dinner treat. Sure to be a hit with children of all ages and they would make a great surprise gift too! Delicious.

Jar of Love

Ask your child to choose someone who is special to them and write 10 positive things, that they love about this person, or positive memories they treasure. This could be anything from complimenting their big smile or even remembering the time they taught them how to ride a bike. Tear each statement of appreciation up and fold into a spare glass jar. You could even add a red ribbon to secure the lid and stick to the Valentine’s theme.

Now you have the perfect heart-warming gift for the person who is the jam to your sandwich, to show them how much you really care! Whether it be for a parent, grandparent or ‘Pal-entine’, the jar of love is sure to put a smile on their face! Essentially, family and friends are just as important. So simple but so effective.

Heart Hunting

When was the last time you had a scavenger hunt? This is a fantastic activity to get all the family involved and spending time together on Valentine’s day.  There are two versions to choose from in the images here; the acrostic scavenger hunt requires the your child to find an item which begins with each letter of the word Valentine. Older children who are more experienced with reading and writing would probably suit this task better. Whilst the second version lists various different Valentine’s related items from ‘something red’ to a heart, with the challenge of finding them all within your home, perfect for all ages. Once the hunt is accomplished, be sure to have a few Valentine’s goodies as a reward for all their hard work! Although such a easy to prepare activity, it will go down a treat with your little ones.

You can check out these fabulous and fun free printable’s through the link below!

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt With Printables

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