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heart cards

This blog post is a bit of a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) in as much as it starts out as a craft activity and then you have a game to play with – so a make and a game all in one.

You’ll need some stiff card stock (available from craft shops and toy shops), scissors, glue, a stack of magazines and some old Valentine cards (if you have them).  You’ll also need a scanner and a colour printer to replicate the images.

This Is The Fun Part!

The first part of the activity is to get your child to go through the magazines/valentine cards choosing images of hearts, cupids, bows and arrows, wrapped gifts, etc.  What you’re looking for are any images that represent love or Valentine’s day.  When you’ve gathered all your images together, scan them and make two print outs of each image (the more images you have, the more memory cards you will have for the game).

Cut the card stock into rectangles about the same size as standard playing cards.  Then get busy with the glue and glue the images onto the cards – gluing is a great activity for little ones.  You should now have a set of cards with two of each image that can be matched into pairs.

This Is The Other Fun Part!

Let the play begin!  Shuffle the cards and lay them all face down on the table or floor (wherever you happen to be playing).  Take it in turns to turn over two cards looking for matching images.  Every time a player finds a pair, they keep that pair.  Keep going until there are no cards left to turn over.  The winner is whoever has the most pairs in front of them.

As your child gets older, you can make this game more challenging by adding extra cards.  You don’t have to add Valentine images – you can add animal/bird/cars, etc – whatever your child is interested in.  Just be sure to use the same colour card stock to glue the images onto so that all the cards look the same when they are face down.


Memory card games such as this are a great way of exercising your child’s brain and developing memory.  Playing memory games is also helpful in developing concentration, especially in little ones.  Helping to develop your child’s memory will be particularly beneficial once he/she starts school where good memory skills are essential to learn effectively.  For more Memory Games to play with your child, take a look at this article.

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