It’s finally, unarguably summer and we’re loving the new long days and warmer evenings. If winter evenings make us want to curl up on the sofa in our PJs, summer evenings make us want to burst out of the door with the kids in search of adventure.

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy the extra sun, here are some of our favourite ideas:


Give them a new hobby

Summer evenings are the perfect time for introducing little ones to their new favourite outdoors hobby. From cycling to rollerblading, skateboarding to running, the long warm summer evenings are the perfect time to get outside and get active.


Have a dinner picnic

Don’t waste a summer evening by sitting inside and watching TV, take dinner outside instead! Whether you want to set up your table and chairs in the garden, have an impromptu barbecue, or go the whole hog with a picnic blanket and a sharing feast, eating outside is a great way to make dinner fun and give your family a chance to connect at the end of the day.


Go camping

There’s nothing children love more than a sense of adventure and nothing that feels quite as adventurous as a night spent under the stars. If you don’t fancy driving to or paying for a campsite, simply setting up your own in the garden is a fun way to enjoy a warm evening. Think toasted marshmallows, a fire pit (always supervised, of course!), and spooky stories and you’ll have a summer evening to remember.


Host an outdoor movie night

Whether you want a fun family activity or you’re looking for ideas for a summer evening party, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor cinema. This one requires a bit more prep but is totally worth it; you’ll need a projector, a big white sheet, and someone with good taste in movies! Don’t forget to supply popcorn and pic ’n mix for a real cinema experience.


Meet the wildlife

If your little ones love the great outdoors, there’s no better time than a summer evening for finding out more about your local wildlife. Head out into the garden, the local park, or any other outdoor areas you have nearby to see all the critters that come out when the sun goes down. Download fun i-spy activity packs from The Wildlife Trusts so you know what to look out for.


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