Simply put, World Book Day is the biggest party of the year to celebrate the joys of reading.  In 2013 it’s on March 7 and it’s a celebration of all that reading has to offer including the illustrators, authors, books and of course the people who read them.  It’s so large that UNESCO designated it a worldwide fête and indeed it’s enjoyed by more than 100 participating countries around the globe.

The main goal of World Book Day is basically to introduce children to the joys of reading.  It does this, naturally, by giving children access to books in situations where they can’t or don’t have access to them through normal channels like school or a public library. Indeed the joy that World Book Day incites in millions of children can be clearly heard in the voices and seen on the faces of the children when they receive their first book, something that is so vital to learning and growing.          

The power that books have is universal.  Unlike, for example, a TV show or a film a book can convey images, ideas and thoughts in a reader’s mind that are uniquely theirs. Books open up new worlds, new lands, new ideas and new thoughts that can inspire their imagination and fuel their thirst for learning and knowledge like few other things can.          

Giving a book to a child who has never had one is a wonderful thing to watch and experience.  The joy of reading (and of course the pictures and illustrations) is something that simply can’t be matched by other forms of entertainment.  Books are also portable and, for many children that live in countries where the internet or even basic TV is unavailable, they can be like a gift from the gods and be taken anywhere they go.

This year marks the 16th year that World Book Day will bring the joy of books and reading to children and will be the biggest yet. In the UK, schools will receive packages that include Book Tokens and display materials and lots of activity ideas that can be used to make the day even more special.  Below is a list of the Top 10 Books of all time, many of which are perennial favorites that have been loved by millions of children all over the world thanks to World Book Day.  Enjoy them and enjoy World Book Day, the worldwide festival of reading.

1.      The Very Hungry Caterpillar

2.      The Gruffalo

3.      Where the Wild Things Are

4.      Winnie the Pooh

5.      We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

6.      Each Peach Pear Plum

7.      Guess How Much I Love You

8.      Room On The Broom

9.      Dear Zoo

10.   The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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