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Parents have been reading bedtime stories to their children for hundreds of years. Indeed, many of the stories that we all know so well were told to us as children my mum or dad as they sat at the edge of our beds. Reading bedtime stories to our children is a ritual that humans have been passing down for eons but why read bedtime stories? Well, simply because it’s one of the best ways to not only entertain but also educate, communicate and bond with your children. 

I think we can all agree that there are few children who enjoy hearing the phrase “it’s time for bed”.   Imagine if you changed that phrase to “it’s time for a bedtime story”?  What do you think their reaction would be? More than likely they will be much more willing to hop into bed and get under the covers if they know that mum or dad will be treating them to a new, exciting, enchanting or interesting story.

When it comes to learning new things and experiencing new ideas it’s hard to beat a great bedtime story. Concepts about freedom, liberty, and other important ideas can be deftly woven into a good yarn, enchanting the little ones as it educates them. It will also allow them to hear a myriad of new words and phrases that they might not otherwise hear in their daily life.

Of course as your child gets older he or she may start to feel a little bit awkward about having mum or dad read a book to them but, for the parent who persists, the bonds that can be formed are the kind that can last a lifetime. Simply put, reading a bedtime story to your child gives you a daily chance to get face-to-face with them and really enjoy their company. In today’s frenetically paced world those few minutes can become quite precious.

Lastly, you can use bedtime stories as a form of reward system for your child for doing well in school and at home. This can be much healthier than using food as a reward and it can be much  more economical than buying toys or clothing. Oftentimes the bedtime story books that you read can be borrowed from the library for free.

Whatever the benefits may be educationally we’d like to think that the benefits that your child will gain from spending a few precious moments every night with their parents are worth even more. If you truly care for your children there are few things better  that you can do then to share with them the joy of reading a good book.

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