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As much as we miss the summer sun, we can’t help but get excited for the upcoming season of non-stop celebrations. With its exciting displays, fun sparklers, and tasty winter warmers, Bonfire Night is one of our absolute faves. If you’re looking for some inspiration for Bonfire Night treats, here are some recipes that are guaranteed to have your family saying “Oooh… aaah!”

Toffee Apples

Let’s start with a Fireworks Night classic, shall we? No bonfire is complete without a good old toffee apple and the good news is that they’re really easy to make! Start by washing your apples in hot water then make sure they’re completely dry before pushing sticks into the base. To make your caramel coating, heat 400g of caster sugar and 100ml water at a low simmer until it turns golden brown. Leave it to cool for a few minutes then add 100ml of cream and shake it to mix (it’s best to let adults do this bit as the mix can spit). Once that’s done, dip your apples in the mixture and pop them on a tray lined with grease-proof paper to set. For a bit of extra fun, let the little ones decorate their apples with sprinkles, dried fruit, marshmallows, or whatever else they’d like!

Toasty Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are the perfect recipe for Bonfire Night because they’re portable and easy to eat without being too messy! The recipe is pretty self-explanatory but you can make hot dogs fun for kids by giving them all sorts of fun sauces and toppings to customise their dogs; our faves are fried onions, grated cheese, relish, and crispy bacon. Even better, sausages can be replaced with meat-free versions for a healthier alternative or a vegetarian diet.



Smores are an American autumn tradition that we’re more than happy to adopt! Perfect if you’re having a mini Bonfire Night campfire, S’mores are essentially a toasted marshmallow and a square of chocolate sandwiched between two thin biscuits of your choice. Tasty, toasty, and perfect for nibbling on while you watch the fireworks.


Pumpkin Soup

Seasonal and warming, pumpkin soup is delicious for a Bonfire Night savoury treat. All you have to do is cook up some onion, garlic, and paprika while you roast your pumpkin pieces in the oven. Mix it all together with stock and blend for a smooth and tasty soup that’s perfect for ladling into flasks to take to your local display. For an extra crunch, add some crispy bacon (or veggie bacon if you prefer) on the top! Yum.


Bonfire Cupakes

If you want to go all out, or you’re hosting your own display, a Bonfire Cupcake is the perfect showstopper for Bonfire Night. While it looks complicated, a Bonfire Cupcakes are essentially a simple chocolate cupcake decorated with chocolate sticks, orange peel twirls, chocolate curls, and red and yellow icing to look like a real-life, glowing bonfire. You can even pop in some sparkler candles for added dramatics!

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