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ThinkstockPhotos-502670166The great thing about winter is that it gives you the chance to huddle together and get cosy in your home. The dark nights make you want to curl up on the sofa or snuggle under the duvet and who can blame you after trekking home from work or getting the kids home from school in arctic conditions! We think that winter should be a time to relax and get comfortable and we’ve got a few accessories in mind that we think can make your home that extra bit cosier this winter. So, grab a cup of tea, put your feet up and have a look at what we’re recommending.


If you want to add some extra seating areas in your home then a beanbag is a great way to quickly and easily add more seating options and provide a cosy corner for you to curl up with a book in. Putting a beanbag in your child’s room adds some comfort to their space and is a different area for them to sit and do their homework in. There are all sorts of designs that can brighten up a room and become a snuggly new option.


Help your children to burrow away into the warmth with a tent, tunnel or a cave. You can attach any of these to your child’s bed and create a snuggly den for them to read their books in or escape the cold. It’s a great way to get their imaginations running wild and it adds a bit of excitement to their room and will make it a bit easier to get them to go to bed on time!


Cushions are a simple and effective way to instantly make a room more comfortable. You can throw some cushions on a sofa or bed and it adds a more snuggly aspect to any room. If you’re chilling out and need a short-term solution to make you more at ease then a cushion is perfect. They can also add a bit of colour or pattern to your room that can freshen it up effectively.


If your sofa or bed is missing something and you want to make it look more inviting, a blanket or throw can add more comfort and also make your room more decorative. There are plenty of patterns and materials that you can choose from to enhance a room. They’re quick to put in place but the effect is long-lasting.


Getting the perfect duvet can make a big difference in the winter months. When you get into bed to escape the cold, you want instant comfort and satisfaction. Having a duvet that keeps you toasty warm and protects you from the cold is one of life’s small pleasures and there are plenty of duvet options. Having a jazzy design on a duvet or bedding can also make a bed into a centre point of any room and inject some new colours and patterns into a bedroom.

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