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Since World Book Day was 5 March, 2015, now is an excellent time for families to look at their books, and organize and rearrange them. It is also an excellent time to add books and bookshelves. There are several considerations to take into account when purchasing a bookshelf to make sure you get the best available and one that meets your needs.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Bookshelf
Remember when you purchase children’s bookshelves and other storage to make sure all items are low to the ground. Children suffer many injuries each year from furniture tip-overs. When it comes to bookshelves, children tip them over when they reach for books or climb to get items at the top. Some good choices for children kid’s bookshelves as follows:
Half-shelves, as the name implies, are half the size of a regular book shelf, with two or three shelves and only 3 feet high. Designed specifically for children, they come in a variety of colours and styles, so you can find one to match your child’s bedroom décor.
Revolving Bookcase
With cut-outs or each side for storing books, these shelves maximize capacity and take very little room space. Made of lightweight wood and only three feet high, they will not tip over.
Storage Bench
Books can be inside or on top of a storage bench. If books are put on top, toys or other items can be stored inside.
Best Bookcases
The best bookcase is one that fits your child’s personality, age, and lifestyle. Our five choices for the best bookcase provide varying alternatives for book storage and display.
#1 Bookcase Wall
If you are a parent who wants to surround your children with books, consider turning one whole wall into bookshelves. Top shelves can be used to either store books your children have outgrown or for toy storage. Having a built-in bookshelf prevents a potential injury from a tall free-standing bookcase tipping over.
#2 Stairs Bookcase
If your home has a wide stairway leading to a second story, consider lining one or both sides with bookshelves. This method of book display and storage is a clever way to use otherwise neglected space.
#3 Bookcase Room Door
What child wouldn’t love a “secret room?” Create a bookcase directly on the door to your child’s room. Although this book storage system probably is not good for heavy books, most children’s books are relatively lightweight, so this makes a perfect book storage system.
#4 Hanging Bookshelves
If space is at a premium and you do not have a great number of books to display and store, consider single shelves hung on the wall. Just make sure the shelves are securely attached to the wall and not at a height that tempts a child who loves to climb.
#5 Bookcase Bed
Nightstands or bedside tables frequently end up being drop zones for every conceivable item. Try building a headboard that extends past the bed on each side with shelves that come to the floor. Add a built-in light to encourage your child to read each night before sleep.


  • Measure the area where you plan to put your bookcase. Don’t forget the depth and height as well as the width.
  • Make sure the bookshelf you select matches your other furniture in style and/or colour.

It is wonderful that we have World Book Day when we celebrate reading. However, we do not need to wait for a special day to enjoy a good book; anytime is reading time. Our suggestions for the best bookshelves should give your child ample space for storing and displaying their favourite books all year long.


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