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When you’re a parent and thinking about what resolutions to make for the year ahead, it’s easy to start getting a bit carried away and by February ‘Be the best parent ever!’ suddenly starts to sound a bit far-fetched. We all go into the New Year with good intentions and visions of the progress we’ll have made by the end of the year and it’s natural to have goals. There are some resolutions that parents become very familiar with and put on their list year upon year, but what are they? Let’s have a look at some of the most popular resolutions for parents everywhere.

Spend more time outside!

Of course you can do lots of activities with the kids at home, but taking in the sights, sounds and smells when you head outdoors feels really worthwhile. It’s fun for you and the kids and lets them experience lots of new things. It also provides a much-needed break from smart-phones, tablets and the TV!

Spend less time thinking about work

This is a big one! Life’s too short to be checking emails all throughout the evening once you get home from work. Work can always wait and after work should be your time to switch off and enjoy the comforts of home and your family. It’s a tough one to maintain throughout the year, but keeping it as a priority means that you’ll be more relaxed in the long term.

More Family Time

Thinking about your daily schedule and how to rearrange it so you can spend more time with your family is something lots of parents think about as they begin a new year. Family time is precious and spending as much time with each other is good for everyone in your household.

Stay organised

Whether it’s writing a list at the start of everyday or using a new rota scheme, trying to keep on top of duties and responsibilities in your life is a popular resolution. Keeping everything more organised can make you feel more in control and it’s easier to work out how much time you have and where everyone is on any given day, whether it’s a playdate, after-school club or a work meeting.

Read More

Reading more might mean designating a little part of every day for some ‘me time’, where you can settle down with a good book and relax. It can also mean taking your kids on a new literary adventure each week. The benefits of reading with your children are well known and it can be one of the most enriching activities you part-take in together.

Worry Less

This is a very popular resolution! It’s very easy to say you’ll worry less, but a bit more difficult to follow it through. Life is full of obstacles, but taking time out to think about solutions and different perspectives can help you to achieve this resolution. Sometimes there’s no point worrying about something that’s out of your hands, so try and focus on things within your control instead.

Have more fun!

Spending time with your family and doing something fun every week or even every day is something most parents crave. There’s not always lots of time in the day, but fun can be found everywhere and even making everyday tasks like tea-time and bed-time more fun can give a boost of happiness for everyone.

When you choose your New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to make them do-able. Even making tiny changes to your day can make a big difference for everyone in your family. Whatever you decide on, have a wonderful 2016!

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