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From pens to pencil cases, headbands to teddy bears, kids can’t get enough of stuff with their name on it. But while those of us with more unusual monikers used to sit back with a sigh as we watched other kids gleefully find their be-named goods on the shelf, the rise of custom personalisation means that today’s children can have their own beautifully unique names on everything even if you called them Moon Unit (yes, we’re looking at you Frank Zappa).

appleDon’t even get us started on you, Gwyneth.

But why do we love personalised goods so much and why are they so great for our kids?

My Name is and I am…

One of the first things we teach our little ones is how to say and spell their own name. Learning their name gives them a sense of self, helping them to form an identity that will shape the rest of their lives. Not only will seeing their name on their possessions help little ones learn it faster, it will also help them to get an understanding of ownership and to make them feel important, confident and empowered.


Aka: A SuperKid!

This is Mine and I Like it!

Personalising items can also help children show interest in something that they may not have otherwise, by making it special and therefore more appealing. A personalised plate might help lure a fussy eater to the table while a personalised pencil might just help get that homework done. Similarly, personalised books have seen a huge rise in popularity with the new social-media influenced generation. A book featuring your child as the star is bound to make reluctant readers turn pages.

Personalised Presents

Likewise, a personalised present can be a great way to show you’ve put some thought into gift-giving. We tend to hang on to personalised items for longer as they’re more meaningful to us so gifting something personalised to a child is a surefire way to get into their parents’ good books.

Sibling Rivalry

When a new baby comes along, easing your eldest children into the change can be tricky; from jealousy to problems sharing, there’s no guarantee siblings will get along. Luckily personalising your children’s belongings can help to ease some of these issues. Two kids fighting over which toy belongs to whom? Personalise their toys and watch all debates rapidly dissolve! Having to move two kids into one bedroom? Buy them personalised beds to help them establish their own clear personal space. The result? Instant sibling harmony.


For at least five minutes anyway…

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