Cast your mind back to your eighties bedroom and all the weird and wonderful toys that were in it. If your memory’s a bit hazy and you need a few reminders, we’ve put together some of the most popular toys of the era, so you can get nostalgic and try and dig them out again from your Mum’s loft! You never know, some of the toys and throwbacks might make great new toys for your own kids and you can teach them a bit about what it was like to be a child when you were their age.



There aren’t many toys that have managed to stay consistently popular for decades, but LEGO is up there, as one of the most popular toys worldwide. Your bedroom wasn’t complete unless you had bits of LEGO lying all over it, waiting to be used to build your next imaginative idea or to accidentally step on!

Millennium Falcon

Every kid wanted their very own Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and if you still have yours then it could be worth a small fortune! With the new Star Wars film having just been released, complete with the Millennium Falcon, your kids would be just as excited about this toy now as you were in the 80s.

My Little Pony Dream Castle

These magical ponies were all the rage in the 1980s. Not only could you buy your own My Little Pony, but you could also create their own home to live in, or to be exact, their ‘Dream Castle’, where lots of adventures could take place. My Little Pony is still popular today.



Forget iPads, Etch-A-Sketch was the original piece of technology you’d use to draw out any of your ideas and a way to get creative. Think about how many budding artists first started out using one of these famous toys, forget Picasso and his paintings, Etch-A-Sketch took true talent to master!

Talking Teddy Ruxpin

Teddies are timeless and the most popular teddy bear in the 1980s was the Talking Teddy Ruxpin. You guessed it, it talked and had catchphrases that you could impress your friends with and use to pretend he was a real, talking bear. Kind of creepy, but fun all the same.

Care Bears


Care Bears were a cultural phenomenon. Spanning across the 80s and beyond, the Care Bears had a whole range of toys and merchandise and their own tv show to boot. You couldn’t escape the care bears and their infectious happiness, they’re a staple part of the 80s toy landscape.


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You might associate Transformers with Michael Bay’s ill-fated film re-boots, but Transformers were around long before that. The vehicles that could transform into robots blew kids minds in the 80s and they also had their own tv show to ramp up their popularity. Transformers took two things that excited children – robots and vehicles and combined them to make a much sought after toy.

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