Having the right duvet and pillows is essential to ensure a good quality night’s sleep. It is important to have a good quality duvet and pillows as this can impact sleep massively; this includes the materials use and the tog rating of the duvet.

Sleep is essential to children’s healthy growth and development therefore it is important to do all we can to ensure they are getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is important not just in terms of quantity but also quality and having the right sleep environment plays a massive role in ensuring a good quality night’s sleep.

Pillows play a big role in sleep comfort and having the right pillow can help prevent back and neck aches and issues, which in turn will aid sleep quality. It is important to make sure your child has a supportive pillow which enables them to get the best night’s sleep possible.

Duvet & Pillows For all Weather

Our range of duvets has a 10.5 tog rating to ensure they are perfect for all year round. Making sure children are the right temperature when they are asleep is an important aspect of ensuring a good night’s sleep. Being either too cold or too hot can cause them to wake up or have uninterrupted interrupted sleep so it is important to make sure the temperature is just right.

If it is cooler outside, you can add a throw or blanket to add some layers to warm them up. On the other hand, sleeping with a moisture-wicking sheet can help when it is hotter in the summer.

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