Children’s beds at Room to Grow are both stylish and functional and our range of boys’ double beds are no different. Double beds aren’t just for teenagers, they are for any child wanting a little extra room. Our range of boys’ double beds come in a wide range of colours, styles and materials so there is sure to be something suitable for your growing boy.

It is widely known how important sleep is to a child’s growth and development, but one of the most important factors in achieving this is to ensure they are comfortable and happy in their room; including their bed. Making sure that a child is happy and comfy in their bed is an essential part of getting a quality night’s sleep, so it is important to check how they are feeling.

Extra Space

As children grow, they may begin to feel they are outgrowing their bed, which could cause discomfort and difficulty sleeping. Boys’ double beds provide that well needed extra room so that your child can get the best night’s sleep possible. A double bed provides plenty of room to toss and turn in the night without interrupting your sleep.

Children grow so fast that it can seem like you’re constantly having to keep up, buying new clothes and furniture as they get older and taller. With boys’ double beds you can be sure that they will last through the years even into to adulthood which is perfect when they grow out of everything so quickly.

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